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For a great many of us, it's money for some it's family or the need to be accepted by our peers or something deeper. I often sit back at look at my accomplishments to this point on my life and sometime wonder am I doing all I can to fulfill everything that I want to do? It's funny... every day I think of something else that I want do, so that becomes the never-ending question. Have I done everything that I wanted to do?

I read every day that some young lady wants to become the next top model or video vixen, singer actress whatever! I take picture, that's just what I do. For the most part, that is something that I love to do. When I meet some of these young women and take their picture some not all, but some are very guarded at first but eventually open up and we start talking about some of their goals and some are only interested in whether or not they are getting paid and how much. As a man that has been raised by a strong single woman without any influence, I tend to be a little more critical people that say they can't do something. I know, I know you're thinking What in the world is this man saying, so let me tell you.

This is the first part of my story.

To look at me, most think I am intimidating and mean, and begin to pass judgement without uttering a word. But the ironic thing is that some of these same women are the ones complaining the there aren't any good men out there. Now on the one hand, I can agree. Some of the men, well just don't know the meaning of what means to truly be a man in my opinion. Food for thought.... is it because there wasn't a man in the home or because the women in their lives taught them to be hard...?

My story will continue. 



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Pictures are one of the best logs of time and change the world knows to date. (In my opinion)  What's your opinion?

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Do you always get what you pay for? https://mvanbphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/do-you-always-get-what-you-pay-for I have a question... "Do you always get what you pay for?" I ask this question because I had a client ask me, if it is easy to build a reputation as a photographer because there seem to be so many. What sets you apart? That is a good question, because in my opinion, as a photographer I am still building my reputation. I have some clients that always ask for me if they ever need a photographer, and then I have others that come to me only in case of an emergency. However, the one thing they have in common is that they really like my work. Bottom line, word of mouth builds a reputation faster than any advertising I could do. Pricing and quality for the work done is not always better because it cost more, some people assume that a photographer that has a lower price point doesn't mean you are not  a good photographer. What I feel that sets me apart... I try not to have retouch my images. I like my shots natural. I have my own set of standard adjustment that I use however, I only make edits in Photoshop if asked. 



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